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Fine Jewelry - Designer Jewelry - Jewelry Life, Inc. Holiday Specials - Click Here Now To See Our Collection

Our Anniversary Special Is The Jewelry Life Fine Jewelry Care Kit.  This kit is free with ANY purchase during the month of November.  The kit will have all the cleaning tools you will need for ALL of your jewelry and especially for the high quality designer jewelry on our site.

After The Sale

Every sale at Jewelry Life is not final, by any means!  Now when you purchase jewelry from us you can have a free examination and cleaning of your purchase(s) each year.  We'll also be sure to include a cleaning guide with every purchase.  Unlike people, not all jewelry is made equally and can be treated equally.

Wedding Band Quote System

Come visit one of our new features that lets you choose what kind of wedding bands you want for him and for her.  Based on your info, we'll do our best to give you an accurate quote. When looking for the highest quality designer and custom Wedding Bands or Engagement Rings you cannot find a more direct and useful resource on the net. Our simple goal of 100% Satisfaction ensures that you will receive the best and most reliable service during this extremely important part of your life.

Designer Jewelry, Fine Jewelry, Jewelry Life, Inc. - Etienne Perret, Lia Celine, Constance Metcalfe - 18K Gold, 22K Gold and Platinum We've put together a new section filled with our best bets for a wonderful holiday gift.  From Earrings to Pendants, this collection is sure to put a twinkle in your loved one's eye.

You Have Entered A 14K Zone

All of our fine designer jewelry is created using either 18K Gold, 22K Gold, Platinum or Silver.  Want to read more about Gold and why 14K just doesn't cut it?

Etienne Perret - Great Prices and Tax Free Shopping on His Famous Designs

Jewelry Life is proud and honored to carry the wonderfully inventive designs from acclaimed designer.

Check out these special designs:

Custom Jewelry Design has never been easier with our many tools for designing your own jewelry online. The sky is the limit when working with one of our expert Goldsmiths.

E-commerce solutions are peppered across the Internet like Stars across the night sky. With so many choices it is difficult to determine what you really need as a designer or a jeweler. Our Web Commerce department specializes in solutions for you that make sense financially and make a whole lot of sense for your business. Who can take better care of your needs than people that share your same ideals and goals.

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